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Making A Good Party


Like a good recipe, making a good party is not only about delivering the music but  loving and understanding music which is something Red Rooster have a passion for.  We have a feel and emotion for what we do. We still get excited when a new band breaks cover. We have been recently impressed by the likes of The Chvrches, Django Django and  for the last month have been spinning a brand new track by Andy Grammar “Honey I’m  Good” to which people feel compelled to get up and dance to, even though not many have heard of it yet.  Friday night we had 74 people on the dance floor out of 100, when the Bar Staff were able to watch and join in with dancing even behind the bar.  We bring laughter, music and dancing together at our events like the ingredients of a good recipe.

Judging by the last 4 Weddings we have done in 4 different parts of the UK we have had the pleasure to be at wonderful family events where young and older people have come together and make a party.  Different genres of music have met head on , everything from Hard Rock to Euro Pop.  where these two very different bodies of people have gelled and had great fun, check out our “5,6,7,8 Video at Hannah and Marks’ Wedding”  . On Thursday in Tower Hill Barns, Llangollen in the last 40 minutes of the night we were asked “I don’t suppose you have any Doors to which we replied “Will RoadHouse Blues do you?” just to kick it off, followed up by Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix, followed by Neil Young’s “Rocking in The Free World” followed by The Doors ” Break On Through” with an encore of ” People Are Strange”.

Crowd at Hannah and Marks' Wedding

End of the night at Hannah and Marks’ Wedding in Edgebaston

It is very important when you are putting your Wedding together to consider all aspects together of how it will go.  It’s easy to book other add ons which distract the guests .Photos in booths and other kinds of entertainment going on can dilute your family event.  A Wedding is a very important event where family members gather together and friends who haven’t seen one another for years can get together.  At Red Rooster Discos we concentrate purely on the music and party side of the evening. Top quality DJing ensures that everyone sticks together to dance the night away .  We are able to offer many set ups which will suit your venue, the correct sound equipment and visual impact of lighting and the choice between subtle pretty colour wash lighting or full on laser disco.  We work closely with your photographers to get the best lighting for your First Dance and can continue the photo package when your photographer has gone by providing fun props and group photographs, uploading them live during the evening where it gives guests an opportunity to tag themselves and watch You Tube clips.  At the same time we respect your privacy by asking our clients if they mind having pictures taken for marketing purposes and do not include any photos that we are not asked to.

First Dance with Sarah and Graham

The exploding balloon at Sarah and Grahams Wedding in Velindre, Brecon

Making a party come together is a skill that is a gift and takes a lot of hard work and training from your DJ.  It is not about pressing buttons or playing every track that is requested hence why a lot of DJs download illegally from You Tube.  Red Rooster source and pay for every track that is downloaded and then ensure it is played at the right time during the evening to really keep the floor moving.  We don’t put megamixes on and walk away, tracks are chosen carefully live on the night, working round your playlist no matter how eclectic.  This skill is worked on throughout the week at Red Rooster HQ when Dave is busy in the studio playing with music and tracks and then uses his microphone skills tactfully on the night to work his magic.  Red Rooster Discos make the art of music come to life!……